After many years of working in the art world, but living in an area where contemporary art seemed non-existent. Ana decided to do something about it.
She believes that art is subjective and comes in an infinite number of styles and media. A community of over 250,000 people and quite diverse, needs more art events that target adults, not just children. The youth in Katy have plenty of good opportunities to learn and show art, music and dance, but once they graduate from high school, there is a void.

Katy needs more art venues, commercial galleries, art columns, art critics, and some day, art museums, she says. Right now most art on view is traditional and classical. V The Gallery, in the Villagio Town Center, is the only venue exhibiting a wide variety of styles and media, from the traditional to the contemporary and modern.

It is important in our ongoing cultural growth, to see as much variety as possible, she says. This opens our minds. Art begs for a reaction from the viewer. That reaction can be positive or negative. It is only problematic when there is no reaction.

Ana urges local residents to keep an open mind and realize that we need to experience more varied art in our newly established Katy art scene. Join the art scene, join the talk, join the commotion, be a part of it!
Partnering with the art league, Katy Area Artists, the newly formed Katy Culture & Arts Alliance, the Villagio Town Center and its own V the Gallery, several art exhibits have either opened, are currently on view, or are in the making.
A refreshing new monthly art event debuted two weeks ago, Katy Art Mixer, with much success! Look for it and like it on Facebook!

Ana is the current president of Katy Area Artists, Chairperson of the Katy Culture & Arts Alliance, owner of Tradarte, an art consulting and art services firm. She is the founder of Texas Big Skies, an eco-friendly scenic greeting card company that showcases Texas skies, landscapes and rivers. Texas Big Skies is a Go Texan product and a percentage of sales is donated to Clean Rivers Up 2 U, a Texas clean river program. She was the personal assistant to Joanne King Herring from 1997-1998.